• Probate and Succession Administration:  Assist the Succession Representative in properly administering the succession, including but not limited to:
    • Pleadings – Prepare and file all pleadings required to open, administer and close the succession.
    • Valuations – Obtain valuations of assets included in the succession, including, but not limited to, valuation of interests in closely held entities.
    • Estate Tax Return – advise on filing of Estate Tax Return.
  • Estate Tax Return: Prepare the Federal Estate Tax Return for filing, including all necessary attachments, including, but not limited to:
    • Portability – Advise on filing an Estate Tax Return at the death of the first spouse to preserve the deceased spouse’s unused exclusion, if any.
    • Protective Elections – Advise on filing protective elections.
    • Reverse QTIP Election – Advise on filing reverse QTIP election.
    • Other Elections – File other elections, including election to release Succession Representative from personal liability for taxes.

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